U-Scrap For Sale

The U-Scrap website and business concept is now for sale in a ready to launch state based on either physical scrapbooking distribution or digital scrapbooking downloads.

Please visit the listing on Flippa for more information and to make any enquiries.

U-Scrap logo complete

U-Scrap logo

After many different ideas and concepts, we have finally got the new U-Scrap logo complete. It's not what I had originally envisioned, I was originally thinking along the lines of something more traditional and pastel coloured to represent scrapbooking, but I am very happy with the final outcome and colour choices.

U-Scrap logo under way

U-Scrap, our scrapbook retail business has been on the back burner for some time now, however, as of this week, the logo design is finally going ahead beyond our initial concepts and should be completed shortly.