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U-Scrap logo under way

U-Scrap, our scrapbook retail business has been on the back burner for some time now, however, as of this week, the logo design is finally going ahead beyond our initial concepts and should be completed shortly.

MJB Initiatives Logo

MJB Initiatives Logo Colour

After experimenting with a range of ideas, the MJB Initiatives logo is finally here, available in a range of options to suit the different places it will need to be used to co-brand our initiatives.

New initiative: Mission Boards

A new initiative is in the works: Mission Boards

Mission Boards is a new Australian skateboard brand on a mission. The aim, to use one of our existing core areas, skateboard retailing, to benefit the wider community, and the world.

MJB PhotoArt Logo

MJB PhotoArt

MJB PhotoArt has a logo at last. The concept is to be like a stamp that is stamped across the corner of photos. What do you think?

The website design is also in the works and it should be coming soon. I'm currently debating on whether to base it on Drupal, or to go with Magento and use either WordPress or Drupal alongside it for non-commerce functionality.